Aimred was tasked by Insight Customer Solutions to design, develop and maintain their flagship MysteryCustomer market research solution. The MysteryCustomer online applicaton allows for questionnaire design, distribution and analysis without leaving the web browser environment.

Generated reports are print quality PDFs and are generated and distributed automatically via email/web without any human intervention. New report types can easily be added via the use of templates – nothing is hard coded. The following reports are an example of the reports:

As part of the development phase a specification test suite was developed with over 1700 individual tests specified using RSpec. Any new additions to the system are easily checked against this specifcation test suite to ensure the integrity of the system with new tests introduced as new features are added. Using Capistrano, deployments were possible within seconds of new feature sign-off. Any issues raised or new development required was logged via our in house ticketing system, made available to Insight Customer Solutions to allow feedback and progress tracking.

MysteryCustomer is successfully deployed with MySQL as a database backend, Phusion Passenger running on top of Apache and Ubuntu.

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