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RCAP 2.0.0 Released

RCAP 2.0.0 has been released. This major update changes Alert initialisation into a builder style syntax and therefore there is a high probability code using RCAP 1.x will need to be upgraded. For more information check out the RCAP project page .

RCAP 1.2.4 Released

RCAP 1.2.4 has been released. This fixes a serious flaw which occurs when parsing in Geocodes and Event Codes from XML sources.

The latest gem is available via or directly from our local gems page.

10 Years With Ruby

10th April 2001
-I decided it’s time I learnt a new programming language and so I’ve decided to learn Ruby, an object orientated interpreted language which is really flexible.

That’s me, 10 years ago today.

About Aimred

Aimred is a specialist Ruby and Ruby on Rails development house and consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We provide Ruby and Ruby on Rails development, consulting and training services to businesses and organisations of all sizes. If you want to find out how we can help you, contact us at

Why Ruby?

Ruby is an object oriented programming language that is designed to make development as quick and painless as posssible. Taking the best practices from a number of other languages, Ruby

  • is easy to write, read and maintain
  • has a well thought out and extensive standard API
  • has a thriving developer community
  • is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide

Ruby is on the cutting edge of web development technology, not only through the Ruby on Rails framework, but also through new and exciting frameworks such as Merb and Sequel.

Ruby is also ideal for traditional application development and available APIs allow Ruby to create cross platform GUI applications for Linux, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris.

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