GreenGreen Axis

Aimred was contracted by GreenGreen to redevelop Axis – their inhouse cutomer relationship management system. Unlike most Rails projects that are considered ‘green field’ (a new project built from the ground up) Axis has replaced an existing project and has been planned and phased into place to ensure business continuity and a consistent experience to GreenGreen’s customers and employees.

Axis has become much more than a standard CRM system, it now has capabilities that allow it to:

  • Interface with multiple banking engines: ABSA (both BusinessIntegrator and HostToHost) and *120. Both interfaces implement
    • Debit/EFT file generation
    • Importing of control and unpaid files
  • Perform settlement and commission calculations between GreenGreen and its partners, vendors and customers
  • Communicate with customers via SMS gateway

As part of the development phase a specification test suite was developed using Test/Unit. Any new features are easily checked against this specifcation test suite to ensure the integrity of the system with new tests introduced as new features are added. Any issues raised or new development required was logged via our in house ticketing system, made available to GreenGreen to allow feedback and progress tracking.

Axis is successfully deployed with MySQL as a database backend, Phusion Passenger running on top of Apache and Ubuntu.

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