Aimred Developer Blog December 2007 Archive

Ruby 1.9 Released

As is tradition, the latest version of Ruby was released on the 25th December. Ruby 1.9 is a development release intended to help developers make sure their code works before Ruby 2.0 and should not be rolled out into production; there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.

This release is still significant as it’s the first new release to run on the YARV virtual machine. Computationally expensive Ruby can expect some nice speed improvements. There are also a significant number of core API and some syntax changes and they are all covered in this extensive Ruby 1.9 changelog.

It's Been A Year... Zerenity 1.2 Released

After a year of inactivity, we’ve finally managed to do some work on Zerenity. Following the addition of the feature in Zenity, we’ve added a sliding scale that allows the user to pick a numerical value. The following code:

1 value = Zerenity::Scale(:min => 1, :max => 10)

will produce a dialog with a scale with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 10.

More information and links to download locations are available at the Zerenity homepage.

2nd cape_town.rb meeting

Don’t forget the 2nd meeting of the Cape Town Ruby Brigade is this Wednesday, 12th of December at the Bandwidth Barn. Details at the cape_town.rb homepage and mailing list.

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