Open Source Projects

We maintain a number of libraries and utilities for the Ruby programming language which are made freely available to the programming community. We believe strongly in the power of open source and the creative freedom and sharing it allows. We welcome bug fixes, patches and suggestions for any of our projects. Contact details for each project is available on their respective home pages.

RCAP - Common Alerting Protocol for Ruby

The Common Alerting Protocol is a lightweight standard to facilitate the distribution of alerting data. RCAP is an implementation of the CAP in Ruby. It allows for the creation of CAP messages from Ruby applications and the parsing of external messages.

Current stable version is 2.2.0.


Zerenity is an API for Ruby that allows for the easy creation of simple graphical dialogs from your application.

Current stable version is 1.3.


Precedence is an API that allows for the creation and analysis of precedence networks, a tool used in project management.

Current stable version is 1.0.

Links to past project gem releases can be found in the Gem Archive.